Friday, November 22, 2013

Dominioni P55RT

Dominioni P55RT

Do you have a P55, P55R or P55RT? 
Let us know, we have new machines and parts for the P55 Series.

Are you looking forward to start up a pasta manufutura, catering, retail /whole sale store?

The P55RT is the perfect machine for productions over 66 lbs / hour.

From Macaroni to Spaghetti, from Tagliatelle to Papardelle, this machine does it all. Sheets for your Lasagna and Ravioli, no problem.

P55RT specs:

Height: 1800mm
Width:  1180mm
Depth:  1020mm
Weight:   280kg
Power: 230V / 3phase / 20amps
Output: 35kg / 45kg

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about your production, dough, adjustments or problems.

Your R&C Team!

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