Monday, December 22, 2014

Commercial Pasta Machines

The perfect Christmas or New Years gift for your kitchen.
This brand new commercial pasta machine comes with all bells and whistles:

- all stainless steel
- built to sanitation standards
- built to UL standards
- built in cooling
- built in ventilator
- electric cutter for short pasta

Call us today and ask about the P10G commercial pasta machine, it is the only tabletop pasta machine its size that is also water cooled.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To all our customers and friends of our blog

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year

Will your 2015 be a successful one

Ask us about our new P10G commercial tabletop machine, the best gift you can 
give yourself for 2015!

Your Pasta Machine Team

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Most asked questions about commercial pasta machines

Commercial Pasta Machines

Sometimes we start making fresh pasta with our commercial pasta machines and wonder, why is the machine not working.
Well, there are many things that can go wrong before we even start with the dough.

Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial pasta machines failures:

  1. My commercial pasta machine will not start
    - Check main power
    - Check if the main power switch is on
    - Check if the emergency button is pulled out
    - Check if the lid is closed on top of the machine
  2. My commercial pasta machine is turning off all the time
    - Dough is to wet
    - Dough is to dry
    - Dough is to old and hard in the matrix (die)
  3. My commercial pasta machine is making noises
    - Check if V-belt is balanced and tight
    - Check if bearings and gearbox has enough grease/oil
    - Auger not correct built in
    - Die holder nut on to tight
  4. My commercial pasta machine cannot cut the pasta
    - Cutter knife is dull
    - Spring for cutter is not mounted on- Dough to wet
    - No power to electrical cutter
  5. My commercial pasta machine matrix/dies are breaking
    - Dough is to dry
    - Used wrong flour
    - Did not washed the matrix/die before using

Commercial Pasta Machines

Looking for pasta baskets for commercial pasta machines?

Feel free to call us about our durable pasta baskets. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Commercial Pasta Machines

R&C Commercial Pasta Machines

Our brand new tabletop P10G commercial pasta machine.

This German made commercial pasta machine has a 4kg
hopper and is capable of making 10 to 12kg pasta an hour.
The P10G commercial pasta machine has also a built in chilled
Extruder channel. With the recommended chiller, this 
commercial pasta machine can make continues pasta, any shape and size.
Call us today and our friendly staff will tell you all about this brand new commercial pasta machine

Our P20G Cert commercial pasta machine

This German made commercial pasta machine is the best solution for Hotels,
Restaurants, Caterings and small productions of fresh pasta.
The P20G commercial pasta machine can put out 30kg / hour and has a
built in chiller with circulation pump. This commercial pasta machine is
ETL UL and ETL Sanitation certified in the US.
Please call today and ask us more about this commercial pasta machine.

Our RS120G Cert commercial ravioli machine.

This German made commercial ravioli machine is the best solution for Hotels,Restaurants, Caterings and small productions of fresh pasta.

The RS120G Cert commercial pasta machine can put out about 60kg / hour and has a built in safety features. This commercial ravioli machine is ETL UL and ETL Sanitation certified in the US.

Please call today and ask us more about this commercial ravioli machine.

Call us today about all of our commercial pasta machines! 562-903-7744

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Commercial Pasta Machine

Our brand new commercial pasta machine,

Output: 10-12kg / hour

The only commercial tabletop pasta machine
that is water cooled for continues making fresh pasta!

Call us today and ask about the new commercial pasta machine, P10G


Monday, October 6, 2014


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Friday, September 19, 2014

The brand new pasta machine P10G mini

Video on YouToube

The all new tabletop P10G from Goetz GmbH arrived!!!

An exceptional quality pasta machine made of stainless steel and only the best materials for the best fresh pasta you ever made.

Please, feel free to call us right now and ask about this high quality pasta machine.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Table Top pasta extruder!

!New Table Top Pasta Extruder is coming!

The all new P10G table top extruder
will be coming soon to our warehouse.
This machine is a must have in all 
restaurants that are making fresh 
pasta by hand. 

The P10G is an all stainless steel 
built machine, capable of making
12-14kg pasta an hour. 

So please, what are you waiting for, pick up the phone and ask about the all new

P10G table top extruder 


Pasta Baskets for sale

Pasta Baskets

Looking for standard sized 
pasta baskets?

Ask us about it, we have them
ready to go in our warehouse!

Give us a call today at:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't forget to sign up on our next Ramen Noodle classes

Ramen Noodle Classes in Santa Fe Springs, California

Soon to come, our next Ramen Noodle classes in
Santa Fe Springs, California.
So far we hosted 2 classes for Ramen and Udon Noodles
with more than 120 attendee's.
If you are into food and enjoying servicing people
you must visit our classes. We not only make pasta, we
go deep into the science of flour and the other
ingredients, to insure the best quality of ramen noodle.
Please feel free to call R&C Pasta Machines, 562-903-7744 or e-mail us at

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

One of the best extruders you can buy for the money. This German made machine is an proven work horse, that runs in many different countries around the world.

Not only that it is made of completely stainless steel, it also has a built in stainless steel cooling system, (chiller). Lots of other brands don't or can't offer that.

The P20G Cert Extruder is perfect for mid-to big size restaurants that make fresh pasta, caterings and Hospitals.

The P20G Cert Extruder, has also many safety features for machine and operator.
If you are making to dry of a dough, the machine will tell you soon that this will not work and shuts it down for the safety of the machine.With a simple reset button in the inside of the electronic box, the machine can be back to work in no time.
Also, no fuses and complicated wiring in the electric box. Simple ATM's make this machine a easy to work with one........

The 10kg (22lbs) mixing tank is easy to clean, because no 90 degrees corners.
Tip: after making some dough and finished with extruding, let the dry out a little bit....after wipe it out with a dry towel or if you have, a little air compressor. Less water you use to clean, less longer you have to clean it.
The P20G Cert Extruder is built, so you can clean the whole machine in less than 10 min.

All the Die's for the P20G Cert Extruder are made of bras and can be ordered with or without Teflon inserts.
Die's should never be washed with soap or any kind of chemical, otherwise the die gets black and will leave a forever stain on your fresh pasta.
Also, never leave dough in the die and let it get dried out, otherwise you will never get the dough out.
Unless you cook the die in boiling water for more than an hour. After blow the soft dough out with a air compressor.

Please feel free to call me if this helps for your operation or if you have any add on's to my post.

Have a great day and talk to you soon


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking for Ramen making Machines and Classes?


Are you looking for a RAMEN noodle making machine or maybe UDON noodle machine?
Please ask us for more information about the machines!

Ramen and Udon Noodle Classes

Yamato and R&C Pasta Machine


8956 Sorensen Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


May 5th - 7th


- Education about flours and ingredients
- Lunch
- Hands on noodle making
- Cooking and practices

For information about machines and classes,
please call:   562-903-7744

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Please feel free to check out our new Website:

We are excited to announce, that we have a brand new website;

Please feel free to check us out, there are more features and services to find.
We are also looking forward to have brand new small machines for pasta and some bigger machines for Ramen- and Udon Noodles. is a California based company and open for business from 7:30am till 4pm pacific time.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us:

E-mail: R&C Pasta Machines

Phone: 562-903-7744

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