Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

Pasta Extruder P20G Cert

One of the best extruders you can buy for the money. This German made machine is an proven work horse, that runs in many different countries around the world.

Not only that it is made of completely stainless steel, it also has a built in stainless steel cooling system, (chiller). Lots of other brands don't or can't offer that.

The P20G Cert Extruder is perfect for mid-to big size restaurants that make fresh pasta, caterings and Hospitals.

The P20G Cert Extruder, has also many safety features for machine and operator.
If you are making to dry of a dough, the machine will tell you soon that this will not work and shuts it down for the safety of the machine.With a simple reset button in the inside of the electronic box, the machine can be back to work in no time.
Also, no fuses and complicated wiring in the electric box. Simple ATM's make this machine a easy to work with one........

The 10kg (22lbs) mixing tank is easy to clean, because no 90 degrees corners.
Tip: after making some dough and finished with extruding, let the dry out a little bit....after wipe it out with a dry towel or if you have, a little air compressor. Less water you use to clean, less longer you have to clean it.
The P20G Cert Extruder is built, so you can clean the whole machine in less than 10 min.

All the Die's for the P20G Cert Extruder are made of bras and can be ordered with or without Teflon inserts.
Die's should never be washed with soap or any kind of chemical, otherwise the die gets black and will leave a forever stain on your fresh pasta.
Also, never leave dough in the die and let it get dried out, otherwise you will never get the dough out.
Unless you cook the die in boiling water for more than an hour. After blow the soft dough out with a air compressor.

Please feel free to call me if this helps for your operation or if you have any add on's to my post.

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