Thursday, December 4, 2014

Most asked questions about commercial pasta machines

Commercial Pasta Machines

Sometimes we start making fresh pasta with our commercial pasta machines and wonder, why is the machine not working.
Well, there are many things that can go wrong before we even start with the dough.

Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial pasta machines failures:

  1. My commercial pasta machine will not start
    - Check main power
    - Check if the main power switch is on
    - Check if the emergency button is pulled out
    - Check if the lid is closed on top of the machine
  2. My commercial pasta machine is turning off all the time
    - Dough is to wet
    - Dough is to dry
    - Dough is to old and hard in the matrix (die)
  3. My commercial pasta machine is making noises
    - Check if V-belt is balanced and tight
    - Check if bearings and gearbox has enough grease/oil
    - Auger not correct built in
    - Die holder nut on to tight
  4. My commercial pasta machine cannot cut the pasta
    - Cutter knife is dull
    - Spring for cutter is not mounted on- Dough to wet
    - No power to electrical cutter
  5. My commercial pasta machine matrix/dies are breaking
    - Dough is to dry
    - Used wrong flour
    - Did not washed the matrix/die before using

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