Thursday, July 23, 2015

Commercial Pasta Machines

Summer is in full swing and so the restaurants.

Are you serving in your restaurant pasta dishes? If yes, are you making them fresh or you buy them?

To be honest, only the fresh pasta taste the best with your signature sauce!

That is why the Italians have created all the different shapes of fresh pasta. Every sauce you make, goes with a different fresh pasta.
With pasta you buy from the store, this will not happen. Most of the time the sauce will sit on the bottom of the plate, and you have to mix the pasta again.
Not with fresh made pasta, you mix it once with the sauce it will stay on the pasta and not on the bottom of the plate.

If this little tip make you think about your pasta on the menu, please feel free to call us and we can help with your pasta.
Definitely we have the machines for it to help!

Our commercial pasta machines are certified and will do the job right!

Please give us a call today


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