Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Udon Noodles

Have you ever being in Japan? Did you ever had fresh made Udon Noodles?
If not, than it is about time to do so. One of the best noodles you will ever eat.
So much texture, taste and varieties from different regional areas in Japan.

More and more Japanese restaurants are opening in the US and lots of non Japanese restaurateurs do so too.

Traditional with any pasta, you can make your noodle, pasta by hand or use a machine for it.
Making the noodle or pasta by hand is in some cases just not profitable anymore, that is were machines take over and help to bring you on track again.
Our commercial pasta machines and commercial Ramen machines can just to that. We have commercial Udon and Soba machines as well.
All of our commercial pasta machines are certified in the US, built to US standard.
If you are interested also in making fresh ramen or udon noodles, please check out our website: We conduct about every 3 months a ramen school making fresh ramen and introducing the newest commercial pasta machines for it.

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